Smisk is a simple, high-performance and scalable web service framework written in C, but controlled by Python. Smisk is currently used in production by Spotify and Livebloggen.

Smisk 1.1.6 is the current stable version.


  • Simple & lightweight.
  • Open source MIT license.
  • Fully unicode.
  • Content Negotiation.
  • HTTP transaction handling.
  • Multi-processing.
  • Aims for performance and scalability.
  • Uses existing technologies like FastCGI, Elixir and more.
  • Offers the MVC design pattern and a WSGI interface.
  • Few dependencies.
  • Configuration and deployment tools included.



Smisk is developed by Rasmus Andersson with help from Eric Moritz and Ludvig Strigeus. See the README file for more information.